Horr, Skipp & Perez’s representation in admiralty and maritime matters includes an extensive civil trial and appellate practice in state and federal courts throughout Florida. We focus our practice in the following areas:

  • Defense of Personal Injury Claims
    Crewmember, passenger and longshoremen claims.

  • Protection & Indemnity Club Matters

  • Maritime Contracts.
    Vessel sales/purchase agreements, charter parties, concessionaire contracts, passenger tickets, port service agreements and vessel construction/repair contracts.

  • Marine Insurance Matters
    Coverage opinions and declaratory actions on policy terms and conditions.

  • Defense of Hull and Machinery Claims
    Vessel groundings and collisions, fire and submersion claims, ship repairer’s liability and salvage.

  • Subrogation/Recovery Actions

  • Ship and Yacht Finance.
    Sale/purchase and charters.

  • Cargo Claims

  • Vessel Arrests
    In rem claims and mortgage foreclosures.

  • Marine Environmental Litigation and Compliance Matters
    Oil and hazardous material spills, OPA 90 Oil Spill Contingency Plans, reef groundings and restoration, sea grass damage and restoration, and other natural resource damage claims.

  • Regulatory Matters
    Disposition of stowaways involving the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Public Health, Federal Maritime Commission, U.S. Customs, Immigration and Naturalization Service, NOAA, Department of Interior, SOLAS, and state and federal gaming issues.