We are committed to a firm culture that is open and inclusive.  We expect our legal professionals to share their unique perspectives and they can expect to be heard.  

“Equality is giving everyone a shoe.  Equity is giving everyone a shoe that fits” 

-Dr. Naheed Dosani

At Horr, Skipp & Perez, P.A., “diversity, equity and inclusion” is not just a corporate buzz phrase or latest leadership trend, they are embedded values in the fabric of our firm culture. Each of us has the power to create a more compassionate and inclusive community and we are committed to creating safe spaces for dialogue and engagement where we celebrate diversity, are eager to learn more about each other and strengthen our communities by giving back.  

Diversity, equity and inclusion are everyone’s responsibility, and our work is never complete. Each of us is continuously learning, no matter who we are or where we come from. This work is complex and multi-faceted.  There is no way to address everything overnight and certainly not without making mistakes along the way. We perpetually look internally at our policies, processes and services that help support an inclusive environment and externally at how we can bring visibility to issues of inclusion and promote positive change.  We have the courage to have uncomfortable conversations and are not afraid to raise challenging questions.  

We welcome you to join the conversation and take a seat at our table.  

At Horr, Skipp & Perez, P.A., what makes us different makes us beautiful.